Thank you once again for registering as a Just Initials Brand Ambassador we can't wait to start working with you to help promote our products and brand.

Initial set-up/brand ambassador levels:

Once we have reviewed your social media account, you will be notified of the level you have been placed into. The level generally represents the level of influence and engagement your account has, please note that the level placement is not solely based on follower count, but rather an overall assessment of your social media presence.

Below is a breakdown of each of our levels with the affiliate commission rate. In each level you will be provided with a unique discount code that provides a 10% discount on every order. This code is for you to share with your audience/followers.

    STARTER: 10% OFF all orders/ 0% Commission

    BASIC: 10% OFF all orders/ *5% Commission

    PRO: 10% OFF all orders/ *10% Commission

    PREMIUM: 10% OFF all orders/ *15% Commission

    VIP: 10+% OFF all orders/ *20+% Commission

    *All commission payments are tracked using your unique code/link. Once your earnings reach £25 (ambassadors in BASIC/PRO) or £50 (ambassadors in PREMIUM) we will ask for your bank account details to make the initial payment. Subsequent payments made after that will be paid into this account.

    Ongoing incentives:

    It is important to know that the level you are initially assigned is not set and you are able to "move up" levels by hitting the objectives outlined below (each objective is independent of that level and can not be "carried over"; orders/total sales are tracked using your unique code/link).   

      STARTER: 10 orders/ £100 in total sales

      BASIC: 50 orders/ £1000 in total sales

      PRO: 100 orders/ £2000 in total sales

      PREMIUM: 250 orders/ £5000 in total sales

      Additionally, as you reach higher levels, we are able to offer special incentives and bonuses; including rewards for each completed level (rewards shown below). 

      BASIC: Just Initials £50 Gift Card and £50 paid into you account

      PRO: Just Initials £100 Gift Card and £100 paid into you account

      PREMIUM: Full Sponsorship (including the selection of any products from our online store)

        Take advantage of our exclusive discounts and products:

        We know how important it is for you to showcase our products to your audience/followers.

        To help get you started you can use the one-time discount code "JIFAMILY" to get 20% off personalised clothing/accessories ambassador bundles as well as all personalised sports equipment stickers/social tag stickers.

        You can order these by clicking on the relevant link below:

        Just Initials Personalised Ambassador Bundles:

        Mens Personalised Ambassador Bundle

        Womens Personalised Ambassador Bundle

        Kids Personalised Ambassador Bundle


        Personalised Sports Equipment Stickers

        Social Tag Stickers

        How can you generate more sales/orders:

        • Share our posts and engage with our social media channels on a regular basis to maximise exposure and keep your audience engaged.
        • Create a post/story introducing yourself as a brand ambassador (template available in the "showcase our brand" section below).
        • Add your unique link/discount code to your bio.
        • Tag us in any posts/stories that feature our products/brand.
        • Whenever you mention or post about our products, we will repost it to our story creating further engagement and reach.
        • If you enjoy creating social media content consider showcasing our products (videos showing stickers being applied to sporting equipment or clothing items being unpackaged perform particularly well).

        Your feedback:

        Your feedback is incredibly important to us, as it not only helps us to keep improving our brand but also helps others to understand the quality of the products we offer.

        We know the importance of positive feedback and actively encourage our Brand Ambassadors to leave a product review on our website once you have received your order.

        Additionally, we are open to your ideas and suggestions on how we can further support you in promoting our brand. We value your input and want to ensure that you have everything you need to effectively showcase our products to your audience.

        Welcome to the Just Initials family:

        We understand that being a brand ambassador requires time and effort, but we want you to know that your hard work will not go unnoticed or unrewarded. We appreciate your commitment so far in wanting to represent our brand. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

          Thank you again for joining as a brand ambassador and welcome to the Just Initials family! 

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